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Wold Premiere: Hardbrakers FROM BUDAPEST TO ISTANBUL "One more, why not?" | Facebook

Finally. Save the Date! 19th of july. Metropolis Kino Hamburg is the place. 14:00 is the time.

A Film by Daniel Feistenauer

Istanbul! A pulsing metropolis, the only city that extends over two continents and carries an incredible and endless history. We made it! We are there! 1640 km across Europe with the final ride on the freeway with more than 50km / h, fixed, at night, adrenaline-charged, happy to have arrived there at the very ends of our journey. We have experienced the incredible. 13 people have met, 13 different dudes, 13 different characters.

evening Ride
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Jan Ullrich
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Cyclists are starting to get fed up with spectators getting in their way at the 2014 Tour de France. After seeing what happened on Sunday, it’s obvious that the cyclists’ complaints are valid.
During Stage 2, one cyclist plowed through a spectator who was standing right on top of the course. Luckily, the rider didn’t get taken out during the collision.
The man clearly had his foot over the white line, and he paid the price.
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An illustration of the promise held to the fans: we live for live for you. Come and comment the best sport images live!
marcel kittel takin a selfie
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Critical mass hamburg - 30.05.14
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no gear
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Fußball vs. Radsport…
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Bianchi Celeste Pantone Mash Up Poster
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